Vital Information
Academy of Design and Technology
George Jenkins High School
6000 Lakeland Highlands Road
Lakeland, FL  33813

Phone:  (863) 648-3566

Areas of Interest:  Web Design, Graphic Design, Video Production

NCAC Academies


This academy is given the highest level of recognition by the National Career Academy Coaltion, earning the status of a "MODEL" Academy for having exceeded the National Standards of Practice

ADT Tracks

Digital Design

This program is designed to prepare students for employment as a Information Technology Assistant, Production Assistant, Digital Assistant Designer, Graphic Designer, and Multi-Media Designer.


  • Web Design I
  • Web Design II
  • Web Design III
  • Dual Enrollment

Web Development

This program offers a sequence of courses that provides coherent and rigorous content and skills needed to prepare for further educa- tion and careers such as an Assistant Web Designer, a Web Designer, and Senior Web Designer in the Information Technology career cluster.


  • Digital Design I
  • Digital Design II
  • Digital Design III
  • Dual Enrollment

Digital Video Production

The purpose of this program is to prepare stu- dents for initial employment as production assis- tants, audio/video equipment technician, video/ TV camera operators, video editors, multi-media artists/animators and broadcast technicians.


  • Digital Video Production I
  • Digital Video Production II
  • Digital Video Production III
  • Digital Video Production IV or Dual Enrollment