Vital Information
Academy of Design and Technology
6000 Lakeland Highlands Road
Lakeland, FL  33813

Lead Teacher:  Jessica Salas
Phone:  (863) 648-3566
Fax:  (863) 648-3573

Areas of Interest:  Web Design, Graphic Design, Video Production

NCAC Academies


This academy is given the highest level of recognition by the National Career Academy Coaltion, earning the status of a "MODEL" Academy for having exceeded the National Standards of Practice

Student Focus
Phil Puget

Phil Puget

Since 7th grade, I have known that I wanted to go into a career that heavily incorporates computers. I have always been facinated with computers, and grew up using computers. I chose to apply to the Academy of Design and Technology because I realized the benefits that it could give me and that it was focused towards my potential career field. Opportunities to earn credit hours for college and the chance to be Adobe certified in 3 different programs were options that I could not pass up. It has been an amazing experience in the Academy so far and it is something that I do not regret.

Being in the Academy is a better choice than the usual high school path because it allows you to be in a niche with people who have similar interests and it feels like a home away from home at times. My career goals have changed since I have been in the Academy by narrowing down my career options from just the broad spectrum of computers to an individual field such as web or digital design. The Academy has increased my focus in my classes to get my GPA to where it needs to be to meet college requirements and to meet my own personal goals.

Academy of Design and Technology Overview

The Academy of Design and Technology is a four-year information technology career and professional academy offering industry certification and specific career pathways. Articulation, dual enrollment, and business/ education partnerships will be emphasized. Students will work in small supportive, motivational communities with the opportunity to earn up to one year of college credit. This will prepare them for careers in the high-growth, high-salary fields of a Digital Assistant Designer, Assistant Web Designer and/or Film Production Assistant.


  • Create a supportive learning environment
  • Involve community technology leaders and businesses in the learning process
  • Provide opportunity for students to graduate with an industry certification
  • Provide the knowledge and skills to enter a technology career upon graduation
  • Inspire more graduates to advance to college
  • Improve academic achievement
  • Incorporate technology into the classroom
  • Integrate curriculum between career and academic courses
  • Emphasize cooperative and project based learning
  • Empower students with a sense of professionalism and individual accountability
  • Recruit a diverse student population


  • Since 2008 there have been 95 ADT students earn industry certification in Adobe
  • Students earn an average of 18 college credit hours before graduating high school