Vital Information
Customer Service Academy
Winter Haven High School
600 6th St SE
Winter Haven, FL  33880

Phone:  (863) 291-5330

Areas of Interest:  Hospitality and Tourism, Marketing

Customer Service Academy Overview

The Customer Service Academy will provide students with the academic, social, and technical skills necessary for global economic leadership. Through the study of business theory and the observation, practice, and application of business skills, students will experience an education that connects the classroom with the real world.

Established in 2008, The Customer Service Academy, also known as AOHT, became a member of Winter Haven High School's curriculum. The AOHT's main goal is to help prepare the students for basic skills in customer service and business management for the travel and tourism industries. Students will learn customer service basics, business etiquette, computer operations, and the many facets of meeting client needs whether it’s travel for business, fun, or conference planning. Paid and/or volunteer internships are completed during the senior year.

Hospitality Management... A Hot Career Field

The Hospitality/Tourism industry includes many potential career areas:

  • Event Planning and Management
  • Hospitality Management
  • Sports & Entertainment
  • Business Management
  • Human Resources
  • Travel Planning
  • Marketing

Unique Opportunities

AOHT provides students with unique opportunities:

  • Regular field trips to local businesses
  • Preparation for college and work
  • Interesting courses and teachers
  • Hands-on projects that matter
  • Paid and/or volunteer internships
  • Practical experience in the business world
  • A caring learning community
  • Participation in a school based enterprise

Course of Study

Marketing Track:

  • Year 1-Introduction to Information Technology (prerequisite for program)
  • Year 2-Introduction to Hospitality
  • Year 3-Computer Technology for Travel and Tourism
  • Year 4-Hospitality and Tourism Internship

Join the AOHT Team

AOHT is more than a set of elective courses; it is a team of dedicated teachers, counselors and students, working together on real-world projects.