Vital Information
Agrowtechnology Academy
Fort Meade Middle/Senior High School
700 Edgewood Dr N
Fort Meade, FL  33841

Phone:  (863) 285-1180

Areas of Interest:  Agriscience

NCAC Academies


This academy is given the highest level of recognition by the National Career Academy Coaltion, earning the status of a "CERTIFIED" Academy for having met the National Standards of Practice

Agrowtechnology Academy Overview

Fort Meade Middle Senior is advancing digital literacy within a content-rich culture through their Miner Academies. Miner Academies curricula combine academic and occupation-related course requirements that aim both to promote applied learning and to satisfy college entrance requirements and career readiness. Agrowtechnology Academy and Academy of Leadership and Business are small learning communities where students are emboldened and, in turn, magnify their educational opportunities as they strive to become full-option graduates.

The Miner Academies integrate relevant career themes that blend academics with contextual and project-based learning.

Agrowtechnology Academy

The Agrowtechnology Academy theme unifies agriculture and technology into an Agrowtechnology Academy.

  • Engaged learners flourish academically with a rigorous, student centered environment and leadership opportunities within an agricultural context. Florida citrus, strawberries, tomatoes, landscape plants, and livestock are components of Florida’s vital industry and it is important that students are educated about their economic impacts and technological developments.
  • Family involvement, community support and partnerships with agribusiness and educational organizations are emphasized.
  • The infusion of mathematics and welding produce self-sufficient students with the know-how and maintenance knowledge of agriculture equipment.