Vital Information
Industrial Biotechnology Academy
7007 N. Socrum Loop Road
Lakeland, FL  33809

Lead Teacher:  Kevin Hegarty
Phone:  (863) 853-6100
Fax:  (863) 853-6108

Areas of Interest:  Biotechnology

Student Focus
Ambar Ramos-Perez

Ambar Ramos-Perez

I decided to pursue the Biotechnology Academy because I was interested in the topics studied in the academy and all the hands-on labs that are performed. I feel the academy is a better choice than a traditional high school path because this academy takes learning to a higher level and offers many experiences other students never get. This academy involves more critical thinking and teaches at a more in depth level than other science classes. It provides a good opportunity to start planning a career since we explore many different types of careers related to this field.

The Biotechnology Academy requires a commitment in time. My grade point average and attendance have both benefitted from the academy. Labs may run several days and I have to be there to complete the work. Attendance and skill development are parts of the academy that help prepare us for the workforce or for higher education. Because of the various labs we perform, I am now looking into genetic engineering as a career.

Industrial Biotechnology Academy Overview

The Industrial Biotechnology Academy is a three-year program at Lake Gibson High School for students throughout Polk County in 10th - 12th grades. Students should apply for the academy while in 9th grade in order to begin pre-requisite courses. Students interested in pursuing a career in biotechnology should apply. The academy will prepare students for entry-level industry positions as an assistant biotechnician or for university lab experiences. The textbook and lab manual used are “Biotechnology: Science for the New Millennium.” Lessons include skills and materials of biotechnology, study and isolation of DNA and proteins, plant cloning and breeding, as well as biotechnology in agriculture and medicine.

This is an honors level academy in which students learn basic research skills leading to careers in the fields of medicine, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, industry, agriculture, environmental and forensic sciences.

  • Aligned with Sunshine State and PerformanceStandards
  • Integrates biotechnological concepts with applied learning
  • Hands-on labs conducted weekly
  • Earn up to five post-secondary credits in Biotechnology
  • Earn Gold-Seal credit

Students can learn techniques to apply to careers in Industrial, Agricultural or Healthcare Biotechnology.


  • Work with high tech lab equipment using DNA, Bacteria, Proteins.
  • A very hands-on program teaching lab techniques and procedures.
  • Earn Gold Seal Credit.
  • Can result in up to five college credits in Biotechnology.
  • Passing the exam at the end of three years will give students State Certification as Assistant Biotechnicians.

Biotech News:

Florida State Legislators Visit the Industrial Biotechnology Academy

Florida Senate President Don Gaetz, House Speaker Will Weatherford and Senator Kelli Stargel visited the LGHS Industrial Biotechnology Academy as part of the "Work Plan Florida Regional Tour." The students displayed their skill set by demonstrating techniques using pipettes, micropipettes, spectrophotometers, centrifuges, gel electrophoresis, and PAGE (polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis).