Vital Information
Crystal Lake Veterinary Sciences Pre-Academy
2410 N. Crystal Lake Dr.
Lakeland, FL  33801

Lead Teacher:  Greg West
Phone:  (863) 499-2970
Fax:  (863) 603-6267

Areas of Interest:  Veterinary, Agriscience

Crystal Lake Veterinary Sciences Pre-Academy Overview

Students will learn basic animal care and anatomy. They will also learn about the different veterinary careers and their educational requirements. Students have opportunities for hands-on training and are prepared for a high school academy in agriculture or veterinary sciences.

Course Sequence:

  • Intro to Agriscience
  • Orientation to Agriscience
  • Fundamentals of Agriscience Systems
  • Agriscience Foundations 1

Learning Goals:

  • Identifying Common Breeds of Animals
  • Learning Basic Internal & External Anatomy
  • Safe Handling
  • Basic Nutritional Needs/Requirements
  • Identification of Tolls/Equipment Used in Veterinary Practice
  • Basic Grooming/Health Care
  • Medical Record Keeping of Animal Patients
  • Veterinary/Specialty Fields – Education RSequirements