Vital Information
Digital Graphix Academy
1 Bloodhound Trail
Auburndale, FL  33823

Lead Teacher:  Regina Cobb
Phone:  (863) 965-6200 ext. 259
Fax:  (863) 965-6245

Areas of Interest:  Digital Video Production, Graphic Design

Student Focus
Nicolas Delcastillo

Nicolas Delcastillo

I chose to join the Communications Academy because I felt it was the best choice for my pursuit of a career in architecture. ACA has allowed me to get a head start in Architectural and Graphic Design. In my first competition with the Polk County Builders Association last year, I placed "Best in Show." I attribute my success to the ACA learning environment. Just as important, upon graduating high school, I will be Industry Certified in AutoCAD and Adobe Photoshop. An academy like ACA allows students to benefit from a hands-on approach to learning necessary career skills in their desired fields. I feel there is nothing in the traditional high school curriculum that compares to an academy. The Auburndale Communications Academy has provided me with an exiting and beneficial learning environment. The Architecture and Graphics classes are my favorite of the day, and the drive to succeed in them has made me strive to become a better student overall. Being involved in the Academy has also exposed me to Sustainable Design, a concept I probably wouldn't have been introduced to without joining the academy. I have also developed an interest in Graphical Design. I now have the knowledge and ability to design, and produce T-shirts, Large format posters, Vinyl Decals, and Laser Engraving etc.

I am currently the President of the Auburndale High School AIAS Chapter (American Institute of Architects Students) and after high school I plan to go to college for Architecture and Structural Engineering with a minor in Graphic Design. I have been able to gain experience for the business world in this field through ACA's dealings with our business partner, Straughn & Trout Architecture firm and Tim Hoeft (Architect). We have participated in private tours of their facilities and observed the architects at work. The Auburndale Communications Academy has broadened my career goals extensively, and opened up even more doors.

Digital Graphix Academy Overview

The Digital Graphix Academy is a three-year Information Technology career and professional academy. The Academy offers Industry Certifications in Adobe products such as: Photoshop, Dreamweaver, InDesign and Illustrator. Students choose a specific career pathway such as Promotional Graphics, Web Designer, TV Broadcast or Broadband Services Installers. Articulation, dual enrollment, and business/education partnerships are emphasized.


  • DGA Promotional Graphics provides: T-shirts, Posters, Vinyl Banners, Laser Engraving, Signs & Decals.
  • DGA Digital Publishing provides: Business Cards,Note Pads, Flyers, Brochures, & Postcards.
  • DGA Web-design provides: AHS Website.
  • DGA TV-Broadcast provides: School Video HDTV News.


  • CAD Engineering: “Best Of Show” for the Polk County Builders Association Blueprint Competition in 2011 - Nicolas Delcastillo.
  • HDTV Broadcast:
    • 2011 Outstanding Female solo announcer - Annalee Holtz
    • 2011 Best Announcing Team: Kelsey Ashbrook & Hollie Dutcher
  • Business Partners: Straughn Trout Architects LLC.