Vital Information
Academy of Legal Studies
6000 Lakeland Highlands Road
Lakeland, FL  33813

Lead Teacher:  Andrea Fugate
Phone:  (863) 648-3566
Fax:  (863) 648-3573

Areas of Interest:  Legal

NCAC Academies


This academy is given the highest level of recognition by the National Career Academy Coaltion, earning the status of a "MODEL" Academy for having exceeded the National Standards of Practice

Student Focus
Edward J. Williams III

Edward J. Williams III

I first began pursuing enrollment in the Law Academy at the direction of my parents. I soon figured out that I had a natural skill for public speaking and for putting my thoughts down on paper. I also placed 3rd on my LSAT practice test among my Law Academy group. I easily fell in tune with what Mr. Wilder and Mrs. Balentine preached regarding the basics of law. The Law Academy is a phenomenal path to take rather than enrolling in a regular four-year high school schedule. The Law Academy fosters public speaking skills, reading speed, formal writing, and then some. A year in Legal Office Technology and mock trial participation will vastly improve a student for the present, as well as assist him or her with any future goals.

Through my experience in the Law Academy, I have become familiar with a type of Intellectual Property Law involving U.S. Patents. My discovery of this particular area did not tarnish my initial career goal of engineering, but fused it into a more progressive career path. I now plan to major in engineering in undergraduate college and move on to law school. I have become aware of a vast sea of legal careers that incorporate multiple interests. When I graduate college and apply for a legal position with either a firm or a business, I will have the advantage of placing on my resume that I began learning the essentials of law and court procedures as early as high school. I believe this will push me ahead of any competition that I may face. I highly encourage anyone who reads this to inquire about an application to the George Jenkins Law Academy because it is second to none.


This Academy will provide students with career and college opportunities in the field of law. College-bound students will find numerous higher education opportunities in law, including public administration, political studies, and law school. Through a combination of articulation agreements and dual enrollment, students will be able to earn college credit.


  • Development of higher-order critical thinking skills
  • Technology in the classroom
  • Business, community, and education partnerships
  • Cultivation of exceptional reading and writing skills
  • Cooperative, project-based, and problem-based learning
  • Mentoring and other supportive strategies for struggling students
  • Field trips, mock trials, guest lectures, and other stimulating activities


Academy students are called upon to perform in-class debates regarding current legal issues. The practice of legal research and writing is also emphasized. Students gain access to local professionals in the legal field, including court reporters, judges, attorneys, politicians and legal assistants.


  • Students can earn up to 4 college credit hours upon completion of the Academy.
  • Offers mock trial competitions at District, State, and National levels.
  • Students compete for publication in the Res Integra, the Lakeland Bar Journal.
  • The mock trial team placed 7th in last year’s State competition.


  • Spring 2015

    Highlights Include: WE3, Mock Trial Team, Guest Speakers, NALS Results, FLHS, Courthouse Field Trips and more...