Vital Information
George Jenkins Medical Academy
6000 Lakeland Highlands Road
Lakeland, FL  33813

Lead Teacher:  Deborah Dubendorff
Phone:  (863) 648-3566
Fax:  (863) 648-3573

Areas of Interest:  Medical

NCAC Academies


This academy is given the highest level of recognition by the National Career Academy Coaltion, earning the status of a "MODEL" Academy for having exceeded the National Standards of Practice

Student Focus

Caley Farinas

At first I went in to the Medical Academy because I knew one of the teachers and I thought she was nice and I heard that I could make friends there. However, the Medical Academy has become more to me then a place with a nice teacher and a place to make friends, although it is that as well. It became a place where I can prepare for my future and the workforce. In the four years that I have been through the Medical Academy the people who have stayed have all been kind to me and we all have a type of bond from being in the Academy.

Each and every class has helped me prepare to work in the real world. For example, I learned CPR and got certification. In fact, you can get many types of certification if you go all the way through the Medical Academy. I learned about HIPAA and how not to violate it. I learned how to keep myself safe from contagious disease using Standard Precautions. The Medical Academy even changed what career I wished to prepare for. I had wanted to be a paleontologist since I was four years old. However, the Medical Academy changed my career choice. During my first few years, I wanted to be a nurse and more recently I have changed my mind again and I want to be a pathologist. The Medical Academy has opened my eyes to lots of new possibilities!

George Jenkins Medical Academy Overview

The medical field is among the fastest growing industries today. Registered Nurses are among the top five largest occupations in the nation. George Jenkins High School’s Medical Academy is a multi-year program. Upon graduation, students will have the necessary skills and certifications for employment or continued education in the health care industry.

From taking blood pressures to strapping victims to spine boards, academy students will be provided with up to date industry information. They will be provided the opportunity to help work community events and complete clinical experiences within the industry.

Whatever your plans for the future, joining George Jenkins High School’s Medical Academy will guarantee you a successful future.


  • Electrocardiograph Aide
  • Home Health Aide
  • First Responder (Polk State College Credit Possible)


  • Current enrollment of 240 students grade 9-12
  • 27 students Industry Certified 2010-2011
  • HOSA Regional, State and National Competitors
  • Career Shadowing opportunities with local Healthcare professionals


George Jenkins Medical Trifold Brochure

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