Vital Information
Imagination, Inc.
1995 Thunder Road
Eagle Lake, FL  33839

Lead Teacher:  Tresa Warner
Phone:  (863) 297-3099
Fax:  (863) 297-3097

Areas of Interest:  Marketing

Student Focus
Bradley Williams

Bradley Williams

iMAG is not only my most valuable class, but it has helped me grow and prosper as a person and future leader. The most important product Mr. Chayt and Mrs. Warner design and produce is the skillful workforce of tomorrow.

IMAG Overview

Lake Region High's IMAG Academy is a school experience with a focus or theme. The iMAG academy combines the study of:


Technology includes the products of human invention, the processes and tools required to produce the products, and the ways the processes are organized into systems.


Marketing is the process of planning, pricing, promoting, selling, and distributing ideas, goods (products), or services to create exchanges that satisfy customers.

Graphic Design:

Graphic Design is the preparation of information (content) for publication in print or electronic media by organizing and setting the mood of the message.


Students can enter IMAG at any grade level and at various degrees of experience. The curriculum is designed into different tracks to correspond with student needs.

Companies function on many levels, not everyone can be the CEO or the president. But everyone can contribute to a company’s success. After high school, some students will go off to college and beyond, some will attend tech centers and some will go directly to work. We want our academy to reflect this reality and directly help our students find their path to success.


2013 iMAG Planner

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iMAG Flyer

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