Vital Information
Imagination, Inc.
1995 Thunder Road
Eagle Lake, FL  33839

Lead Teacher:  Tresa Warner
Phone:  (863) 297-3099
Fax:  (863) 297-3097

Areas of Interest:  Marketing, Graphic Design

Imagination, Inc. Videos

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11/21/2013 iMAGINATION Inc


Runtime: 00:46

10/23/2013 iMAGINATION, Inc.


Located at Lake Region High School, iMAGINATION Inc. establishes a school-based enterprise from which students learn how to work with clients, manage a business, and deliver marketing materials through several mediums.

Runtime: 1:00Produced By: Hall Pass Pro

3/7/2013 Imagination, Inc.

Imagination, Inc.

An overview of Imagination, Inc. (iMAG), an exciting academy at Lake Region High School.

Runtime: 5:47Produced By: Lake Region High School

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