Vital Information
LHMS Pre-Academies
740 Lake Miriam Dr
Lakeland, FL  33813

Lead Teacher:  Tammy Epperson
Phone:  (863) 648-3500
Fax:  (863) 648-3580

Areas of Interest:  Aerospace, Engineering, Robotics, Medical, Culinary, Video Production, Video Game Design, Graphic Design

LHMS Pre-Academies Overview

The Lakeland Highlands Middle School Pre-Academies are designed to prepare middle school students with real-world exposure to career specific curriculum through electives.

The intent of the Pre-Academy is to provide students with occupational exploratory courses and the potential to earn high school credit while still enrolled in the middle school.

These programs give students valuable work place skills and prepare them for high school, college, and the workforce of the future.


Video Game Development

The Video Game Development Pre-Academy includes many facets of creative expression and computer technology systems. From laying out the frameworks of application development, to designing websites, this track exposes students to the many aspects of game design.

Video Game Development courses offered include:

  • Computer Applications 1 & 2
  • Web Design
  • Video Game Development
**Please note some courses require lab/uniform fees.

"A.E.R." - Aviation, Engineering and Robotics

Soar above and beyond in the Aviation Pre-Academy! This academy gives hands-on learning experiences and focuses on learning the foundations for the design, development, and operation of aircraft. Students will be given the opportunity to solve technological problems using a variety of tools, materials, processes, and systems while gaining an understanding of the effects of production technology on our everyday lives.

Classes offered in this academy include:

  • Exploration of Production Technology
  • Exploration of Aerospace Technology
  • Foundations of Robotics (High School Credit)
**Please note some courses require lab/uniform fees.




The Agriculture pre-academy is an introduction to agriculture providing learning opportunities on agricultural literacy and how science, math, history, geography, and technology influence agriculture, plants and animals, and sources of consumer goods.  Students will learn various skills using hands-on experiences with emphasis on plants and our food supply. 

Classes offered in the pre-academy include:

·         Orientation and Exploration of Agriscience

·         Fundamentals of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resource Systems



Arts & Entertainment

The A & E pre-academy includes a variety of learning opportunities focused on foundational knowledge in audio and visual productions.  Arts & Entertainment students will learn skills and apply their talents in design, management, performance, and presentation of various audio/visual products and productions. 

Classes Offered in the pre-academy include:

·         Visual Arts (2D and 3D)

·         Performing Arts (Drama, Band, Chorus, Orchestra)

·         Introduction to A/V Arts and Technology

·         Physical Education

·         Digital Video Technology (High School Credit)


**Please note some courses require lab/uniform fees. 



 Can you see yourself working in service with people through food and hospitality? In the Culinary Arts Pre-Academy students will learn the foundational knowledge in culinary practice through restaurant, food/beverage service, lodging, and travel in a hands-on environment. Studies include food and safety, sanitation, developing menus, basic food preparation skills, artist presentation of food, and use of technology in the culinary field.

Classes offered in this academy include:

  • Exploration of Hospitality and Culinary Arts Career Planning
  • Fundamentals of Culinary and Career Planning
  • Culinary I (High School Credit)
**Please note some courses require lab/uniform fees.


Do you have a passion to help others and are thinking about a future career in the medical field? In the Medical Pre-Academy students will learn many skills in a hands-on lab setting. Studies will include instruction in the use of safety procedures, tools, equipment, materials, and processes related to health occupations.

Classes offered in this academy include:

  • Introduction to Health Science/Career Planning
  • Orientation to Health Occupations
  • Health Science: Orientation to Nursing
  • Medical Skills (High School Credit)
**Please note some courses require lab/uniform fees.

Media Design

Are you interested in gaining the technological foundations to prepare yourself for an ever-changing world? Media Design Pre-Academy students will learn the equipment, programs, and software currently used by professionals today. Students can explore graphic design, animation techniques, video editing, and digital special effects.

Classes offered in this academy include:

  • Graphic Design
  • Yearbook
  • TV Production
**Please note some courses require lab/uniform fees.