Vital Information
Lakeland Academy of Veterinary Science
726 Hollingsworth Rd
Lakeland, FL  33801

Lead Teacher:  Selena Turcios
Phone:  (863) 499-2900
Fax:  (863) 499-2917

Areas of Interest:  Veterinary, Agriscience

Student Focus
Haley Pickrell

Haley Pickrell

When I first found out about the awesome opportunity of raising a heifer with Lakeland High School Vet Academy, I took it in a heartbeat. I've always had the deepest passion for animals and with this project my passion has grown tremendously. Wanting to be a part of this academy caught my attention very quickly because I have an aspiration to be a vet, and through this experience I hope to gain knowledge of what it truly takes to be a veterinarian. I have thoroughly enjoyed this program because it has given me the chance to do what I adore most- bonding with my heifer, Emma. Before being in the veterinarian academy I had never shown in a fair, or even thought it possible to ever own an animal and raise it. I never thought to make such great friends in the process, but I have met some of my closest friends through the vet program. This academy is definitely a gigantic learning experience in all. With raising my heifer through this academy, I have learned several facts and keys to raising an animal, such as different kinds of feed, how much to give them, what is good and what isn't for your animal. A huge contributor to why I love the Vet Program at Lakeland is it's a very hands-on program. For example, in my first year in the academy I was already giving animal's shots, and medicine like it was my job. It's very beneficial to have these opportunities to try doing things, because it really helped me decide that I want be a veterinarian when I'm older. The amount of responsibility needed to be in this program has been tremendously high- it's been a ton of work, but it has helped build my character and who I am. Although it takes a lot of time and commitment, throughout this academy I've learned so much, and had the best time doing it!

Lakeland Academy of Veterinary Science Overview

Lakeland Academy of Veterinary Science students learn and interact with a wide variety of animals and situations. Students get the chance to be involved in demonstrations of various agricultural exercises from palpation of young heifers, castration of young bulls, artificial insemination, to CPR of dogs. Students are involved with Dr. McWilliams and My Pet’s Animal Hospital. Students have been part of surgeries and work demos to simulate real world procedures. Students are involved in local fairs (Youth Fair, State Fair, and Strawberry Festival) and compete in FFA career development events to sharpen their skills. Students get the experience of working through volunteering (SPCA, with local veterinarians, local ranches, and the Polk County Animal Control). Students run and work our school based enterprise, Doggie Day Care, in the spring semester of school each year.

The VSA is equipped with industry standard equipment to house large and small animals. Our facilities include in room library, computer lab, large fish aquarium, & green house in partnership with Hollis Gardens & the City of Lakeland.

Lakeland Academy of Veterinary Science News

Bay News 9: Program Gives Aspiring Veterinarians an Early Start

Aspiring veterinarians are getting their start early. At Lakeland High School's Veterinary Science Academy, students are training to become vet technicians. Among the first things they learn are the basics of animal care.

The Ledger: Students Get Taste of Veterinary Medicine

Picture this: An aspiring vet clips Fido's nails and brushes his coat after a bath. Then, a class bell rings and students rush to algebra class. That's a typical day for students enrolled in new vet tech classes at Lakeland High School in the agricultural building at Lake Bonny Park.