Business Partner Interviews

At the Workforce Education Academy Summit the following business partners spoke on behalf of career education in Polk County.

Photo Gallery
Over 200 business partners attended the Career Academies Summit.
Lakeland Electric
Featured Speaker
Margaret Lofton-School Board Member, Bruce Tonjes-Associate Superintendent, Hazel Sellers-School Board Member
Speaking on the Future of Education
Dr. Sherrie Nickell-PCSB, Dr. Marshall Goodman-USF, Dr. Gail McKenzie-Superintendent, John Small-PCSB, Edna Rohland-Bright House Networks, Bill Daggett
Speaking on the importance of workforce education
The summit was held at Sun 'n Fun.
Sun 'n Fun Education Directors
Speaking on the future of technology

WE Need Your Help

How Your Business Can Make a Difference

The students of Polk County can benefit greatly from your support. Currently, we are looking for partners to:

  • Volunteer as a Guest Speaker
  • Provide Financial Sponsorship
  • Provide Equipment
  • Offer Internships or On-the-Job Training
  • Serve on an Advisory Board
  • Offer Company (Facility) Tours
  • Provide Student Scholarships
  • Become a Named Academy Sponsor

If your business it interested in partnering with a Polk Academies program, contact our office at 863-519-8438.

Polk Academies Advisory Board

The goal of the Polk Academies Advisory Board is to link the resources of business, education, and local community in order to promote higher education, career pathways, and active civic participation.

With the current focus on “high skill, high wage, high demand” employment, it is critical that we work together to ensure that the next generation of employees and leaders are prepared to maintain the future growth of our economy.