Vital Information
Pathways to Success
400 Avenue A. SE
Winter Haven, FL  33880

Lead Teacher:  LR Peirce
Phone:  (863) 291-5353
Fax:  (863) 291-5347

Areas of Interest:  Culinary, Legal, Graphic Design, Web Design, Robotics, Video Game Design, Hospitality and Tourism

Pathways to Success Overview

The Pathways to Success Pre-Academy at Denison Middle School will provide students with the opportunity for project-based learning in the areas of Engineering and Technology, Fine Arts, Health Science, Hospitality and Tourism, Information Technology and Law, Public Safety and Security. Students interested in robotics, performing and visual arts, fitness, culinary, game design, television production and public service can find a good home at Denison Middle. Students choose their track and work towards earning High School credit.


Academy of Culinary Arts (Pathway Café)

In the Pathways Café, students will have the opportunity to explore different culinary careers.  Students will learn how to prepare meals, the proper presentation of meals, kitchen safety and menu development. This pre-academy will prepare students for Winter Haven High School or Lake Region High School’s respective Culinary Academies. It will also prepare students for Winter Haven High School’s Academy of Hospitality and Tourism.

Academy of Public Service (Denison Cadets)

Denison Cadets learn about careers in Law, Public Safety and Security.  Students will have the opportunity to learn about Law Enforcement, Legal Services, Military Careers, Emergency and Fire Management. The program works in conjunction with the city of Winter Haven to lay the foundation for students to enter the Explorer program. This pre-academy will feed into Lake Region High School’s Academy of Law, Justice, and Governance. It also prepares students to enter any high school’s ROTC programs.

Academy of Communication Technology (ACT)

ACT gives students the opportunity to work towards earning a Microsoft Office Specialist Certification and to learn about TV production, graphic design, and webpage design. This pre-academy prepares students for Lake Region High School’s Imagination, Inc. Academy and Winter Haven High School’s Cyber Security Academy or Microsoft Academy.

Academy of Application Development, Game Design, E-Book Publishing and Social Media Management (AGES)

The AGES pre-academy focuses on App Development, Game Design, E-book Publishing, and Social Media Management. Using online content, students develop ideas for games, create their concept, and then publish their final product for others to test.  Students receive immediate feedback from peers around the world in order to make a mass-marketable game.  Students use these strategies to develop webpages and applications that help market their game to a wide audience of gamers.  This pre-academy feeds into Lake Region High School’s Imagination, Inc. Academy or Winter Haven High School’s Cyber Security Academy.

Techno Robotic/Science Technology Engineering Arts and Math Academy (Techno Robotic/STEAM)

Students in the Techno Robotics/STEAM pre-academy will focus on engineering and robotic design. Students will participate in advanced classes with a required class in the arts. This pre-academy feeds into Technobotics at Winter Haven High School and Lake Region High School’s Engineering Academy.

Academy of Fine Arts

The Fine Arts pre-academy allows students to focus on the particular art of their choice including the following: Chorus, Drama, Orchestra, Band, Guitar and Visual Arts. The Academy of Fine Arts prepares students for the arts program at any high school.

XTREME Academy (Extreme Training for Recreational Sports and Medicine)

Xtreme students will learn about a wide variety of sport-related skills including: extreme sports, team sports, weight training, physical fitness, stress management, healthy eating, and health-related occupations. This pre-academy introduces students to the concepts needed for Winter Haven or Lake Region’s respective Medical Academies. It also prepares students for any of the team sports available at the high school level.