Vital Information
Recording Arts Academy
500 Orchid Drive
Davenport, FL  33837

Lead Teacher:  John Bell
Phone:  (863) 419-3315
Fax:  (863) 419-3321

Areas of Interest:  Audio Production

Student Focus
Katherine Clark

Katherine Clark

Having a love for music and an interest in recording, I automatically was attracted to the Recording Arts Academy. I play piano, sing, and like to write my own music. The academy gives me a better understanding of how the process goes further. To have an academy to learn from is great, because itís a class you actually want to go to, so you can learn about things you actually want to pursue.

My career plan is to be in the music field. At the moment I am leaning towards music education, however, this academy has widened my options. Furthermore, this class has also challenged me. The academy and the instructors encourage me to push harder. The academy always keeps me on my toes. I'm very proud to be in the academy, and I cannot wait to find out all the things that I am going to learn next.

Recording Arts Academy Overview

The Recording Arts Academy provides students the opportunity to develop a foundation in keyboarding, music theory, the history behind the recording industry, music business, recording equipment and job opportunities available in the recording field. Our students will continue to develop their skills using industry studio equipment and software. Professionalism and personal skills are stressed throughout the entire program enabling them to work cohesively as a team towards success and high level qualities of production.

Completion of this 4-year program will afford the opportunity of acquiring professional software certifications used in the field of the recording arts as well as the opportunity of furthering the study of the recording arts through a post-secondary program of study. Emphasis will also be on creating one’s own music with the use of sequencing software!

Hands-On Training

We offer our students the opportunity to train utilizing many of the same pieces of equipment and techniques that studios would possibly employ. This is done in a concentrated effort to provide them with the best possible knowledge base. This information is combined with our music program to further ensure that our students have a competitive edge. The students of the Recording Arts Academy are trained musically, as well as technologically. They spend many hours listening to the finer details of recording in order to better understand what is involved in a complete recording. They train their ears with everything from live instruments to recordings from all eras to develop their ability.


  • Possess a deep appreciation for all kinds of music
  • Perform or listen to as much music as possible to develop your ears
  • Develop a knowledge of basic studio equipment and industry standard computer programs
  • Gain hands-on training in the recording field

Potential Careers

  • Music Producer
  • Mix Engineer
  • Re-recording Mixer
  • Sound Designer
  • Recording Engineer
  • Dialogue Editor
  • Studio Manager
  • Foley Recordist/Editor>
  • Sound Effects Editor
  • Mastering Engineer