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Gause Academy
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Bartow, FL  33830

Phone:  (863) 534-7425

Areas of Interest:  Business

iBiz Student Projects

During the 2011 Hispanic Heritage Month, students read Gary Soto’s book “Summer on Wheels”. They visited Dodger Stadium on a virtual tour, created an original rap and created a Claymation project based on the book.

The students' first major project, “All About Me,” was to create a PowerPoint presentation about themselves. This project was done in all classes, with the fine tuning done in the business classroom. Students added animation, transitions and music to their show. The students updated the project throughout the year to act as a digital student portfolio. Students also created digital aquariums in their computer class.

The 2011-2012 school year's theme was "SURVIVAL." Along those lines, students read the book “Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins. Students completed a variety of cross curricular projects involving the novel and technology such as creating a Facebook profile of their favorite character and creating avatars of themselves and their favorite character. Students also took part in the “Hunger Games” kick off activity where students participated in team games.

Students used Google Apps to allow them to collaborate and share projects. They learned how to set up a Drop Box account where files are always available in the “cloud”. Students used the website Picnik to learn to do some fun photo editing as well as how to use Sonic Pics on the iPad.

Mrs. Motta’s 6th grade World Cultures students created special projects about maps and globes. These presentations were provided to local elementary schools for teachers to use in their classrooms.